About us

Our company has been established by a group of Savage Worlds enthusiasts, who want to promote this system in our country. There are three hotheads at its core: Piotr Koryś (Editor of the Savage Worlds Line in Pinnacle Entertainment Group), Umberto Pignatelli (author, translator, editor and RPG fan) and Andy Slack (RPG fan, grognard and editor) + Łukasz „Chavez” Maludy (IT Crowd!) and Irek Winnicki (layout magic). More about our team here.

We’ll try to provide the highest quality of products to our fans – from the Polish version of the Savage Worlds core rulebook, through games created with that system, up to One Sheet Adventures and various aids for the players.

We would like to thank the many fans that support our publishing house. We would also like to thank Mariusz Gandzel, Kuba Góra, Michał Szeja and Łukasz Maludy for their help.