Savage Worlds Edycja Polska (Savage Worlds Polish Edition)

Savage Worlds, a RPG that won a lot of prizes, has finally arrived in Poland. Get ready for a unique kind of entertainment!
It’s going to be fast and furious!
Svage Worlds is the fastest system available on the market, a ruleset that enables you to roleplay an exciting chase, a great battle, and a dramatic duel, both fencing and aviatory. Easy character creation rules provide the means for making unforgettable heroes that will change from novices into real legends over the course of their extraordinary adventures. You will live memorable events in many different realities: from the fantasy realms populated by dragons, through faraway planets, up to the dark places of the Black Continent and the jungles of the Amazon.
It’s going to be fun!

Savage Worlds is a dream come true for people, who want to write adventures in the blink of an eye and create real heroes only a few moments before the actual game starts. The Game Master won’t have to use the computer and vast tomes to prepare his adventures: he will find everything necessary for doing so in this little book and his own imagination. The players will immediately feel at home in every setting and they will create memorable characters without the need to learn hundreds of indistinguishable rules. Instead of flipping through the rulebooks You’ll explore extraordinary lands and live through amazing adventures propelled by your own imagination and the setting book line that will describe various settings.

Savage Worlds Edycja Polska (Savage Worlds Polish Edition) – Fast! Furious! Fun!


Authors: Shane Hensley, Clint Black, Simon Lucas, Piotr Koryś oraz “Evil” Mike, “Chaos” Steve, Dave Blewer, Robin Elliott, Joseph Unger, Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams, Zeke Sparkes, Jay i Amy Kyle, Jodi Black, Dirk Ringersma, Randy Mosiondz

Polish Edition: Michał Smaga, Przemysław Bednarski, Małgorzata Majkowska, Tomasz Z. Majkowski, Paweł “Amdir” Kumorek, Robert “Bleddyn” Rosół, Piotr Koryś i przyjaciele

Cover and illustrations: T. Jordan Peacock i Simon Lucas

Graphical project, typesetting and formatting: Michał Smaga

Binding: softback

Edition: full color, glued

Format: B5

Page Count: 176

Suggested Price: 39,90 zł

ISBN: 978-83-930556-0-9

Release date: April 2010