The team

ramylPiotr „Ramel” Koryś is the man who brought such games as Savage Worlds and Grey Ranks to Poland, and is the main person behind bringing ASoIaFRP: GOTE to our country. Also, he’s publishing his own works and that of other renowned authors successfully on the western market.

Umberto PignatelliUmberto Pignatelli, from Italy, is a professional game designer from 2008. After some years of freelancing he designed and wrote a couple of settings for Savage Worlds: Beasts & Barbarians and Timezero. He is also known for Adventurers!, an RPG in two pages which was very well received in Poland. Together with Piotr Korys and Andy Slack, is one of the „three musketeers” of GRAmel.

Andy SlackAndy Slack is a gaming grognard who has been playing and gamemastering RPGs since 1976, and has written material for the GURPS Traveller line, White Dwarf and Challenge magazines, as well as working on various boardgames. Andy proofs and edits many of GRAmel’s English-language products.

erpegisJakub “Erpegis” Osiejewski will contribute his experience to the process of translation of the rulebooks. He is 29 years old and is working as a translator, marketer, copywriter and language teacher of English. He has written stuff for Wolsung, Savage Worlds, Fate, Mutants and Masterminds and many more. He’s been involved in RPG for more than half of his life.