Welcome Adventurers to Gothica, the third Adventurers! setting! In this game the players explore the misty lands of the County of Gothica, battling ancient evils sneaking out from musty tombs, while strange, unholy beasts howl at the full moon. Grab your black powder pistol and your rapier, wear your tabard and don’t forget to bring your silver cross, you’ll need it!
In this game you’ll find:
+A complete description of the dark land of Gothica, including a gazetteer for the GM
+Characters idea for this romantic era
+Rules for handling sanity and to drive the characters in the steep path of madness
+Three new skills
+New gear
As always, in 2 PAGES!
Special Bonus
+Night of Terror – A full adventure in two pages
+Four Pregen heroes
+28 new creatures on Creature Cards
Note: This isn’t a stand-alone game! You also need the Adventurers! core rules.