No Happy Endings

Welcome to No Happy Endings, the newest setting for the Adventurers RPG! Welcome to the world of fairytales… gone wrong! After the storybook villains, fed up with losing eternally, sealed the happy endings away, the world needs to be fixed. Kingdoms bleed in stupid wars, neighboring states combine the powers of sorceresses with a budding Industrial Revolution, and ogres and demons roam the countryside! Only brave heroes, wise sorceresses, cunning tricksters, noble knights or talking animals can fix the fairy tales.
In this setting you’ll find:
– 24 new monsters, from peasant devils to mighty giants and The Dragon!
– A set of weird kingdoms to save and defeat
– Rules for black powder weapons and weird inventions
– A set of rules for roleplaying talking animals like ravens, toads or wolves!
– Six pregenerated heroes
– An adventure in the haunted forest, featuring Goldie and her three talking hench-bears
Note: This isn’t a stand-alone game! You also need the Adventurers! core rules.