Voodoo Pirates

Avast, ye landlubbers! Jump aboard Voodoo Pirates, the fifth Adventurers! setting! In this swashbuckling game, daring adventurers will look for fortune and fame on the Cursed Spanish Main, where European navies battle for supremacy, Voodoo sorcerers incite slaves to revolt, dreaded Ghost Ships haunt the seas, and great treasures are buried on uncharted islands inhabited by hungry headhunters and guarded by the mysterious Merfolk. Flashing blades and roaring guns are daily issues, but in the Cursed Caribbean taunts and witty jokes are an adventurer’s best weapon!
In this game you’ll find:
+A complete description of the Cursed Caribbean, including a gazetteer for the GM and many important personalities of the golden age of sail.
+10 dashing character concepts for this swashbuckling setting
+A new Power Sphere: Necromancy! Turn zombies away or send them to fight against the Spanish oppressor!
+Easy rules for handling naval battles and replacing a severed limb with a weapon, making your adventurer even tougher than before!
+New and modified skills to customize your own sea-dog.
+New gear for hardy seafarers and daring explorers.
As always, in 2 PAGES (+extras)!
Special Bonus
+Captain Beaky – a swashbuckling adventure in two pages
+Six pregen heroes, ready to dive into adventure!
+32 brand new Creature Cards, including 23 new creatures, 4 Ship Templates, 3 Fortress Templates and 2 Sea Monsters!
Note: This isn’t a stand-alone game! You also need the Adventurers! core rules.