Beasts & Barbarians Heroic Tale #2: The Carnival of Nal Sagath

Nal Sagath is a town standing on a hill in the middle of large swamp, in the western part of the Borderlands. A former Tricarnian outpost, it was conquered and razed by
the Iron Empire during the wars, and later reconstructed on its very same foundations.

What the people of Nal Sagath no longer know is that a colony of old, twisted creatures lives in the dark tunnels under the town.  ey are the descendants of a group of slaves who hid there to escape the fury of the conquerors.  ey call themselves Palemen, because their skin has become grayish after so many long years spent underground, and they live o­ the waste of the town and the strange fungi growing in the tunnels.  The Palemen constantly spy on the townspeople through sewer grates and hidden passages. In particular, they are obsessed with Dalla, the beautiful blonde daughter of the innkeeper,and wonder how great it would be to have such a precious gem in their dark kingdom…

And now, into Nal Sagath, heroes arrive!

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