Dark Camelot

Welcome Adventurers in Dark Camelot, the first Adventurers! setting! King Arthur lays in his deathbead, severely wounded, Excalibur was stolen and Merlin the Mage disappeared. The kingdom is in turmoil; Saxon marauders, Pictish barbarians and robber barons are only the smaller problem: strange, dark things are leaving their hideouts in Faerie to hunt the poor villagers in their houses. In this setting you take the role of gallant knights, wise enchanters and even bold commoners, united by the goal of saving Britain from the impending doom. Are you ready to face Dark Camelot?
In this game you’ll find:
+A complete setting description
+Hints and ideas for character types suitable to medieval Britain
+Two new skills
+New gear
+24 new creatures on Creature CardsSpecial Bonus
+The Madness of Sir Richard – A full adventure in two pages
+Four Pregen heroesAs always, all in 2 PAGES!
Note: This isn’t a stand-alone game! You also need the Adventurers! core rules.