Tricarnia: Land of Princes and Demons

Tricarnia, the land of the haughty Priest Princes, awaits you in this book!
In these pages you’ll learn the ways of the Sons of Keron, forged from betrayal, lust and age-old sorceries, and you will enjoy the decadent ways of highborn lords and be pampered by legions of slaves.
But don’t be fooled!
Hidden in ancient ruins, you’ll hear the arcane invocations which were old ages ago, witness powerful sorcerers bargain with demons for their immortal souls, and your skin will crawl to see the Masters of the Lotus playing with nature, twisting beasts and persons for their wicked experiments.
In this book you’ll find a dozen new Edges, extended magical rules, new gear and much more!
So, what are you waiting for? Grab your sacrificial dagger, call for your slaves and summon your preferred demon: the honor of your House has been challenged and you cannot let such an insult pass!
This booklet includes a Book of Lore expansion on the Iron Mountains, their savage people and a host of strange forgotten places…