Światotworzenie (Worldmaking)

A fan of RPG sat before his desk and caligraphed My World on the first page. He’s well prepared. He has an idea for the setting, its history and geography. He has read the guides on world creation. He knows a lot of different games and has visited the web pages of already existing universes. He learned how experienced creators work from their posts on message boards. He downs a sip of his drink, takes out a sheet of paper and begins to draw the outline of a continent…

He shouldn’t begin with the map? Ok, so he opens his text editor and his imagination starts to work. The headline of the first chapter is History…


It doesn’t make any sense to begin with the history of the setting? No problem, he’ll start with the rules that will make his setting unique…


So what should he begin with?! Geography, bestiary, artwork, iconic characters? Or maybe the everyday life in the setting or the description of secret organisations?

Begin with this book! Just do so, and the process of world creation will become clear and simple.

“Światotworzenie” (“Worldmaking”), a series of essays by Andrzej “Enc” Stój written for RPG aficionados that want to create their own setting is available again! What is more, such celebrities as Artur “Garnek” Ganszyniec, Shane Hensley, Tomasz Z. Majkowski or Paul “Wiggy” Williams also shared their ideas with us.

Create your own Fast! Furious! Fun! worlds!


Author: Andrzej Stój

Additional materials: Artur Ganszyniec, Shane Lacy Hensley, Tomasz Z. Majkowski, Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams

Edition and proofreading: Tomasz Z. Majkowski, Jakub Góra, Łukasz Maludy, Szymon “Silidan” Pitek, Tomasz Smejlis

Cover: Tomasz Tworek

Binding: softcover

Edition: black and white

Format: B5

Page count: 128

Cover price: 35 zł

ISBN: 978-83-931796-0-2

Release Date: 8 November 2010