Beasts & Barbarians Heroic Tale #1: The Cliffs Queen’s Court

The heroes were crossing the Cairnlands as part of a caravan, either working as hired guards, or as passengers traveling from the Marquees to Valkheim. This morning the caravan was ambushed by a band of Cairnlander marauders, and only the heroes escaped. And then, the real adventure begins!

The Cliffs Queen’s Court is the first freebie for the upcoming Beasts and Barbarians, a Sword and Sorcery Savage Worlds setting by Umberto Pignatelli.

Welcome to the dangerous Dominions of the Blood Sea, a place where mighty barbarians fight against hideous monsters, dark warlocks whisper terrible sorceries in forgotten temples, and noble amazons duel in the sun scorched arenas of Faberterra, capital of a decadent empire!

Thirty new Edges will allow you to play a classic Sword and Sorcery legend. Become a bare-chested barbarian and fight to save magnificent courtesans from a fate worse than death. Or a cunning rogue and plunder treasures hidden in crumbling cities.

Three arcane backgrounds, Lotusmastery, Sorcery and the Path of the Enlightment, will make you able to dispatch the ancient evil that lurks in jungles of the south.

Dozens of new weapons, armors and mounts will grant your hero the best gear that can be imagined!

A simple but elegant system to develop you character even outside the adventure and to manage the enormous richness you’ll find!
And much, much more!

Are you brave enough to face the threats of Beasts and Barbarians?

This product comes in 2 versions – normal and printfriendly. Preview is for normal version only.