The Dawn of Tomorrow

Welcome in The Dawn of Tomorrow, the second Adventurers! setting! In this setting the players are thrown into a post-apocalyptic Earth, where the air is filled with thick dust and dangerous forests cover the surface of the world. Mutated creatures and the unforgiving environment try in every way to destroy the plague called Mankind. As cunning scavengers, mighty forest warriors and feared mutants they must survive and make the last light of civilization shine dimly for one more day… are you ready to face the challenge?


In this game you’ll find:
+A complete setting description
+Hints and ideas for character types, new powers, maladies, vehicle rules and much more
+Two new skills
+New gear
+24 new creatures/vehicles on Creature Cards
Special Bonus
+The Guardian of Tomorrow – A full adventure in two pages
+Six Pregen heroes
As always, all in 2 PAGES!


Note: This isn’t a stand-alone game! You also need the Adventurers! core rules.